August 08, 2006

"In your dreams, laddie!"

Dear Mr Gemmell, we have never met but your passing has filled me with an aching sadness which I lack your ability to contain within words.

It's been 10 years since I first picked up Waylander as a 14 year old student. 10 years filled with timeless characters, engaging storylines and lush worlds. Stories infused with philosophical questions and THE iron code of principles to live one's life by.

I wept when Druss made his last stand, I choked back painful sobs when Dakeyras found redemption, and I mourn the passing of my literary hero.

To Mrs Gemmell and family, I too lost my Dad to heart failure in his 50's. I empathise with your sorrow, my heartfelt condolences to you all.

My definition of David Gemmell; Sui Generis.

The crossbowman, an axeman and the wielder of the Swords of Night and Day await you at the gates of Dros Delnoch.

"He is only gone from this world. [He] will never truly die. Men like him are eternal." ('A Hero In The Shadows')

June 16, 2006

and i can't stop crying...

sitting alone in my office, with Gravity by Embrace playing and crying because it makes me sad.

and I miss my Dad.

and I'm tired of my life.

and because I'm emo.

__ __

June 15, 2006

Differing Forms of Boredom

Literally, spent 3 quarts of the day filling up forms and getting documents ready as part of filling up the forms.



Having KBP later with my poochiekins...the KBP at Westlake is flab-quiveringly good.


Hunger pangs.

To quote Grant Grant from Slither: "Meat!!"

June 13, 2006

Postcards to garion~

Et tu, garion~

Went for an interview at ZoCard today, which if you recall, we first discovered way back during our Fat Frog days. Happy memories eh? Well, till the day Dad blazed a trail towards the heavens...

Didn't get the job, so it's back to 3017 for me. Made up my mind to quit at the end of the month, feel like I'm imposing on them. I'm so bored working there and I'm learning nothing. Heck, I'm tired of waiting for the house anyway. I know Mum wants it but I don't want to have it hanging over my head, Gods! I'm 24, not 34. I've spent my life having to bear the debts of others, having to bear responsiblity even when I should have been allowed to simply have fun like any normal teen. Having to take up the slack while Big Brother has fun isn't my cup of tea. Why can't I afford to be childish and self-indulgent once every millenium?

That whine felt good.

So about Fat Frog, I'm sure you too shed a tear when it was finally closed down.
Frankie, Kai, Nicks my man, Jack the man who introduced me to CounterStrike, Kasey, Cynthia, KC our boss, and the guys. That place was our 2nd home wasn't it? Splurging our hard-earned wages on books at the MPH beside it, which is no longer there if I'm not mistaken. Being flirted with by both female AND male customers. Well, our outer shell was still slim and somewhat attractive then, i suppose. Now I'm lonely within a fat, disgusting thing. Life just hasn't been the same since you up and left. But I digress.

Remember the very first day at work? My God, it seemed like the walls were bleeding people. Stressed out weren't we? Or rather I was, you just took control, straightened up and put on a smile and started serving them.

And we just grew in confidence eh? Working 14hr shifts, charming the customers, getting fat tips, ha! even Cynthia began to value us. We felt right at home.

And that has been one of the key impediments to me getting a relevant job. I want that feeling of camaderie, that 'right at home' feel. The search goes on I guess.

Just as I continue my search for you.

'I try and I cry, but all you do is die.'

April 08, 2006

happiness isn't a state of mind, it's a pinnacle of achievement...

'I know we're just like old friends we just can't pretend that lovers make amends we are reasons so unreal we can't help but feel that something has been lost

but please you know you're just like me next time I promise we'll be perfect perfect perfect strangers down the line lovers out of time memories unwind

so far I still know who you are but now I wonder who I was...

angel, you know it's not the end we'll always be good friends the letters have been sent on

so please, you always were so free you'll see, I promise we'll be perfect perfect strangers when we meet strangers on the streetlovers while we sleep

perfect you know this has to be we always we're so free we promised that we'd be perfect ' - Smashing Pumpkins, Perfect

Makes me tear up each time i hear it...

why can't i ever be happy?

April 04, 2006

The girl that never was...

"I once knew a gal named Daylene,
She was the creme de la creme.
Of all things fair,
She shone with Halogen's glare.

Tickling the heart a-flutter,
Causing my tongue to splutter."

Hmm, work in progress...btw, it's been ages since i last blogged. How time a job now, grew fatter, moved into a new place...finally grew a white strand of hair...okok, half a strand. sigh~

August 25, 2005


You can battle with strength,
You can battle with wits,
But no weapon is better,
than a great pair of tits. (or lack thereof)